What is the difference between Follow and Custom camera type

Is this in the right catagory? If not please tell me I do not know where to put it.

The title says everything. What is the difference between Enum.CameraType.Follow and Enum.CameraType.Custom camera type.

Custom is the default one that the CoreScripts use.

Follow rotates in relation to the character as to always make it be in the center. When your character isn’t facing away from the camera, but to the side of or towards it, the camera will eventually interpolate to behind the character facing the same direction. So, if my camera was facing front and my character was looking to the right, then the camera will eventually move behind my character and face right as well (the new “front”), that is if I wasn’t controlling the camera. IDK if the opinion means anything, but follow annoys me quite a bit as you can’t permanently stay in a sideways pose.

The DevHub explains this as well:

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Is this in the right catagory? @TheCarbyneUniverse

Yes because you will be setting this programmatically anyways.

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