What is the difference between OrderedDataStore and DataStore ? And when i should use them?

Guys iam New with DataStore, i did my First one, but i dont know why some people use OrderedDataStore ? Is important that ? Is usefful? Where should i use ? How bereza use that on DataStore 2 to prevent dsta lost

So DataStore 2 dont Prevent data Lost, only Prevent fail salving, because If ROBLOX server down, wont matter use OrderedDataStore, i Will use Firebase to backup only if player data fail to save when he leave the server

Iam using a table, when player enter i getAsync put on table, and If I need increase i dont need use getAsync, i do like table[p.UserId][“points”] = 79, and when player leave (or after 3 minutes), i update the data, using the table, if player leave i clean the table, table[p.UserId]= nil, and i have DataRetry to try 3 times

OrderedDataStores can only store integers (64 bit integers, to be specific).
DataStores will store more types of data; booleans, numbers, strings, tables. (with JSON encoding)

OrderedDataStores allow you to use GetSortedAsync which is useful for creating leaderboards.

What you should use, is dependent on what you want to achieve.