What is the difference between string.sub and string.gsub?

I am somewhat new to string functions. I know generally what both these functions do, but I need someone to explain the difference between them for me. Any replies are appreciated :grin:!

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string.sub() returns a specific part of a string

string.gsub() does the same but it will change to something you wanted

like this

print(string.sub("Hello World!", 1, 4))
-- expected output: "Hello"

print(string.gsub("Hello World!", "Hello", "Hi"))
-- expected output: "Hi World!"
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string.sub expects 3 arguments, the string to get a section of, the character index to start and the character index to end at

print(string.sub("Hello!", 1, 3)) --prints Hel

string.gsub expects a string, the pattern to substitude and what string to replace the substitution

print(string.gsub("Hello there!", "there", "world")) --prints Hello world!

the string documentation gives more info if needed