What is the different between '' and ""

I have a question what is the different between ‘’ and “” I seriously don’t understand for example I would use “” during: local RunService = game:GetService(“RunService”) but they use: local RunService = game:GetService(‘RunService’) can someone please give me a clear example between those two things.


Single quotes and double quotes. In lua they just denote strings, there’s no difference.

print('hi') is the same as print("hi")

Personally I use the ‘’ for keywords, while I use “” for sentences, but it is useful knowing that the “” can have ‘’ in it:

print("hi 'there'")
print('hello "there"')

There’s no difference other than they can be used to mark the start & end of individual string values when used in pairs. A string started with " cannot be ended by ’ and vice versa.

print("It's friday!")
print('She said "hello!" to me.')

Ok I have a better concept of this now! Thanks guys!