What is the fastest loop?

What is the fastest loop in a server and not client I’ve used RunService.Stepped but it isn’t fast enough. Is there anyway to combat this?


I dont think there are any faster loops, you can research a little more on the DevForum. Theres lots of topics about this.


What are you trying to do that requires a faster iteration than once every frame?


The fastest way to crash studio is using a while true do loop without a wait


think about this, I suddenly have 1K fps and RunService
yea ik I am evil

Without a way of crashing? That would be thankfull

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I have over 300 fps but the server isnt the same as the client, frame rates are different on both sides

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while true do


its so fast that it hogs up the main thread and the game hangs.

as many asked–why do you need to execute something more than once a frame?

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you do know that RunService can be used to prevent any sort of lag because it won’t run as much if the client is having less frames

give me ONE good reason you need to run something faster then a RunService function or a while true do

Hmm, I think i have an idea of what I can do, ill try to make it so it shows for the client only then it replicates it for the other players

making a sling shot, on the server, but the positioning of the string can be messed up if the player moves around

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and why does this need to be checked faster then every frame, I still don’t see the point of this

yeah I think I should ditch this project it isn’t gonna work any other way.

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yea besides, if you wanted it to run faster you are going to risk crashing or very laggy gameplay

thats true, because I’ve seen how animations and Hipheight can be replicated from the client to server really fast I’ve wondered if it could work the same as the server to client

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Maybe try play the animation on the client instead of the server? I don’t really know how the lag looks like so this may not be helpful.

Its not an animation, I said i wanted the position to be replicated as fast as animations from client to server since u can play an animation on the client and it is significantly faster than firing a remote event


All loop so fast, I don’t think there are any loops faster then the other.

You know how renderstepped is seamless when it comes to positioning objects without a hitch

I wanted to do something like that but in the server, like I know roblox servers are in control of physics to objects that don’t have a network owner. It seem seamless well in the server atleast
The problem is replicating that seems to be impossible via script

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for loops can iterate at a stepped speed. basically they iterate as fast as they possibly can. They can go thousands of times a second. Even millions if the code is not expensive.

A for loop with 1 billion iterations will still crash your game if it runs to fast.