What is the fastest way you recommend a individual learn Lua

What is the fastest way you recommend a individual learn Lua. Should we learn other languages and then learn Lua?

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Lua was the first language that I learned and probably one of the easiest when it comes to readability. Tutorials are your friend: but not those tutorials that are like insert this model into your game and move this and that and blah blah! You should read tutorials that actually start from scratch (most of the time these tutorials explain what the important functions do as well). This will help you get a better understanding on how the system you want to learn how to make is actually created rather than just inserting a pre-made script into your game and calling it a day.

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From what I know Luau is the easiest language that exists, if you learn taht you are ready for other languages, i dotn think. There’s a fastest way to learn it, but if you want to learn it then you need these:

Be motivated and actually want to learn
Be sure to have at least a few hours per week of free time to learn

After that tips are:

Start form the basics
Go on the Creator Documentation
I’d you are planning on making a Game try doing something taht you will need for that Game if you are able to

I don’t have any other tips right now

Keep using it, and learning from others is probably the best way to learn coding, not just Lua, but every programming languages. Your problem solving skill will get better over time. Just reading documentation is not enough to learn a new language. I have an experience coding for about 5 years now, and I think that the best way to learn is to learn what others do. There might be some hidden techniques that you can always learn from others. If Lua will be your first programming language, that’s alright because the syntax and logic are quite simple to understand compared to other languages like Java, C++, etc. You can also learn Python, it is really beginner-friendly. Once you have more understandings on how codes operate, you can start learning any languages you want.

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so youtube videos are mostly usless to learn we should just read the stuff on roblox ?

No, be sure taht the videos you are watching are up-to-date and are not an insert this like @papaguab said, I know that AlvinBlox is a good one, or at least, I heard, and also make sure they don’t use HttpService unless they effectively need it, as it may open backdoors to your Game

ok bro thank you for this hlep

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