What is the gamepass reccomended size?


Before yall yell at me. I already searched this up on here, Could not find a single soul that made a topic on this subject.

So basically i’m making a gamepass. And I cannot figure out the correct size.

How it shows up on gimp

How it shows up on the roblox site

If there IS a topic or something I should be looking at for this let me know and ill mark it as the solution.





Thank you so much. I have no clue on why I didn’t check this first. Might have slipped my mind :woozy_face:


To add to this, I’d recommend creating an image(or using the one provided in Fm_Trick’s post) with a circle and outline(transparent or any color works really, I prefer transparent though) so you can see exactly how it’ll look when you upload it.

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Yea I did this already. I just changed the rotation of the text. It works now :slightly_smiling_face:


I would recommend going with a bit more resolution than the previously mentioned 150x150 pixels. It might show up that size on your computer, but it’s nice to have it upscale well in case Roblox ever decides to (or when you want to show the icon in game, at a higher resolution).

(Unless Roblox automatically compresses the image to 150x150, like they do on regular decals with 1024x1024. If that’s the case, you are better off uploading in 150px. But I’m not able to test that right now.)

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