What is the key to a good showcase game?

I’ve started making showcases lately and already made 3 as of today.
However, I’m still a rookie when it comes to building and I wonder if any showcase makers can give me advice when it comes to making showcases. What are the elements when it comes to making a memorable build? How do you convey emotion through your games? Does your game need a consistent theme?
There are sooo many questions left to be answered, but I hope that anyone who is experienced can give me some tips.


great music (make your own or use Roblox sound) realistic building and master on building like
“Tranquility {showcase}”. and also a great view and also the sky. if you professional each everything that mean you are a great builder and great lighting designer. but also you must take a perfect picture for your game thumbnail. I hope this helps you if you want more you can message me every time if you want…


You need to think of something that you strongly believe in, generally see beauty in, or have somewhat of an emotional interaction with. This could be things like the beauty of waterfalls, the problems of the environmental affect, or the future of human kind, etc.

To convey emotion, generally gather an idea of what you want your viewers to understand and impact them on, so you would have to think of ideas for a scene to convey this situation. Also, I would include music to set that emotion, so for a scary scene, you would put on horror music. I would also suggest effects like dark sky, smoke effects, etc.

I would say an consistent theme is essential, but I mean if you look at artists, they involve a bunch of ideas into one artwork, so why not try doing more than one. But, try and stick to one idea too.


First things first a Showcase that have a strong emotion can be accomplished with building style if one is building with realistic style they can emotionally relates with it because they have seen it in real life. To further then make things interesting as Rising-Roblox said Music. Music makes magic to a showcase if its just the right fitting background music for your style of build. You can visit many well built showcases and take ideas of how that developer added that something to make it feel more attractive and emotional.

I personally as a builder myself finds that details and music complete a showcase.

Things one can use to make a game more attaching:

  • The use of Lighting
  • Music (Can be background music or door opening closing etc…)
  • Details within the models
  • Characters (a character placed strategically to tell a story)

I would also suggest for you to look at this topic

Hope this helps you out :slight_smile:
Don’t give up and keep going!


hi I’m not a professional builder but this is my mindset when I build anyways

try building with a story/theme in mind. what year is your building from? is it fictional? having a moodboard/references definitely helps me before starting any build.

lighting can be a powerful tool to convey the setting, many showcases use shadowmap lighting and mess around with the ambience and bloom to make the lighting more realistic and interesting

when you create props consider how it links to the theme your sticking to (of course you dont have to follow this all the time but it helps just to have it in the back on your mind)

making everything overly detailed isnt always the answer, having a focal point(s) in your build and then building around that can help. having too much detail can end up looking messy in the end. also it creates more lag.

also I find that it helps when your maps are enclosed and doesn’t abruptly end at the edges. it can ruin the immersion for players. (unless your map is like a floating island or something

check out the Orion showcase, the buildings aren’t overly detailed- they’re essentially a bunch of circles and squares with windows but it uses lighting and atmosphere effectively. the music also adds a sense of wonder as you look up at the buildings.

Hello there,

to answer your question, we should understand what exactly a ‘‘Showcase’’ is.

A showcase, for me a way to showcase your own work to others, and tell them about your skills, interest them and inspire them or other developers. It’s a way to interact with people indirectly.

For example, you build a dreamland, a paradise that you’ve imagined yourself. You made that paradise up in your mind, and made it a real thing online, where everyone can see your work. Showcases can express so many things, It’s unbelievable.

First of all, you should plan your showcase really well, if It’s not built from scratch. Make up ideas, draw a map to get an idea of your place. Collect ideas and get inspired by others if you need help.

Then, detailing is the most important thing in a showcase, as other stated in their posts before. You want to get a lot of detail out of every model. Too much of something is never good, so too much detail with unions for example could cause lags. You wanna try to get detail into a lot of stuff, take your time and don’t rush yourself.

Music makes the place more ‘‘alive’’. If It’s a forest, take some really soft music, piano or violin, or just really quiet music.

If It’s a castle, a dark castle, that belongs a villain, take some dark music, maybe soft and dark, depending on your style, but everything is possible! You’re the creator, you make the rules!

The lighting can make things more realistic, more cartoony or more softer. Use Blur, Color corrections and other lighting tools to make your place feel more interesting and alive. Dim the colors, dim the brightness etc, etc. That also depends on your game theme and genre though.

Showcases are a powerful tool to work with, if you do them right and put time and effort into it.

Best of luck, developer.



I would say the more the showcase ressembles to reality, more it will be good.
I don’t make showcases but I did looked at some showcases.

Showcases are big where I come from, I’ve been making showcases for about a year now and I have never thought about giving up. There are some requirements for a showcase, one of these requirements can be either vibe or atmosphere. A vibe is what you can get from music, different music can give different vibes, this is what inspired me to make my most known showcase “Cat’s Cottage”. Atmosphere is another requirement, atmosphere can be either a mood or a small feeling deep inside that you can expand outwards. Some showcases have different atmospheres and some have meanings behind them, and that my friend is what atmospheres are most known for.


Use all the talent you have, spend time and make it about your skills, that’s what it’s for to show your work.

my only input, make it something only you can do, some people make amazing scripting games others make incredibly detailed games and some make both, just do whats unique to you and that shows off your talent