What is the line that shouldn't be crossed in narration.(Roblox Moderation)

I searched, but didn’t find any topic regarding this.

I’m making a story game, but the story I made is a little…not family friendly.
In the story’s narration, there are characters that are killed by other characters. The game’s cutscenes are supposed to make It clear that these characters were killed/murdered.

Now the question is…
How far can this type of cutscene go without getting a warning or removal?
Note that any kind of NSFW aren’t going to be in these cutscenes(as that’s obviously against the rules)

I’m only afraid due to the context of “X character got murdered by the antagonist” , which isn’t really for 6 year olds.

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I think it really depends on how graphic it all really is. Once the detail gets passed a certain point, roblox will probably take the game down. I honestly feel like roblox should add a setting that only allows people of a certain age to play the game for games like these.

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