What is the link/image id for a picture of a players character?

It’s extremely hard to remember & find the link that makes it so your character can be a decal.
I know it’s in the wiki, but I couldn’t ever find it. I think it got deleted.

^ I pulled the decal from the Tool Box but instead, what I mean is the link of the decal id is a live decal of an actual player’s character.

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I assume you are looking for the endpoints to see get the players avatar in-game? You’d find them here: New image endpoints that can be used in-game!


Thanks it worked!

Amazing! Also, I’d recommend checking the wiki to get the enums for size and type. (I’d recommend closing the topic too)

Would also recommend GetUserThumbnailAsync which can guarantee an icon is loaded compared to the endpoints which have a chance of loading N/A. Keep in mind that in order to guarantee an icon is not N/A you’ll need to use the function in a repeat loop until the returned bool is true.


Tried it out, that helped too. Thanks!