What is the most effective way to make the gun's barrel aim directly at your cursor and how to do it?

My FPS system has been upgrading and modifying for it to run smooth on the client and the server even though i haven’t added any swaying effects but i think there is a problem of this system. The gun doesn’t really aim directly at my cursor and this is noticed when i see the gun go through my character but the cursor is to the right of the character. I might try to use CFrame.LookAt as a substitute for the old way CFrame.new but when i see how the other developers make the head follow their camera, they didn’t use it but instead, they calculate the angle to rotate the head and this is also the way i did this. if anyone has any suggestion, feel free to leave some comments

Hello, I already solved this problem on my FPS system, the thing you need it’s just rotate the gun model to the center with this CFrame.Angles(0, math.rad(5), 0), that code will solve the offsets.

You will also get a good explanation of with my post solution

Well, how does that solve my problem? I just want to make it points at directly where my cursor is. Check this topic: Delaying when trying to replicate motor6D movement from server to client( FPS system) and the link to another topic in this topic if you want to know additional information.

Ah I thought you were using a viewmodel, but you may rotate the CFrames using that code snippet.