What is the most popular game genre on roblox right now?

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!
    I am trying to make my game as popular as it can.
  2. What is the issue? Include enough details if possible!
    I am trying to find a genre that is the most popular on roblox right now.
  3. What solutions have you thought of so far?
    I thought about using a game genre generator, also I was trying to look at all the popular games on the front page and I think the most popular genres are:
    City & Town, Roleplay, FPS.

If there are any other genres that have took off then please let me know in the replys!


The most popular genres are FPS, Tycoon (The interactive ones thats not just touch button, a example is My Restaurant!), Town, adventure and obby.

There are simulators too but yeah its losing its shine.

If I were to rank them up i’d do this:

1- Town. ( Examples: Bloxburg, Pizza Place, Adopt Me. )
2- FPS. (Examples: Arsenal , Phantom Forces)
3- Obby and Adventure and Tycoon. (Examples: Tower Of Hell, My Restaurant! or Restaurant Tycoon 2, Blox Fruits and Swordburst 2)


I wouldn’t make a game just so it could be as popular as possible, I’d make something I would enjoy. But either way, I would say roleplay games like Bloxburg, Adopt Me, Royale High, Meepcity, all are doing well. Also another genre of popular games are horror games inspired by Piggy like Puppet, Sponge, Spider, and more too.


Silly and dumb is right! I played Piggy once and couldn’t tell why it became so popular tbh.

To answer OP, any decent simulator game is guaranteed to get you plays. It might not put you on the front page, but I’ve seen plenty of simulator games that have 60-70% like ratios but >1k concurrent players. However, if I were to bet on a genre, it’d be roleplay. Roleplay games have always been popular on ROBLOX and it’s hard to see them dying out soon. In fact, if you look at most of the roleplay games on the front page like AdoptMe or Royale High, they’re just modern spins on older games.

No matter what you make, ensure that it has a social component and lots of replay value.


Piggy isn’t dumb. The developers spend tons of time on updates. It’s popular because of the story of it, which you can look into more by yourself. But about the other piggy games, some are good, like Spider and Kitty are unique. But others like puppet, it’s almost just a replica of piggy. There is also a video that explains why Piggy is popular. I don’t like seeing people devaluing other’s work.


The most popular game genre is mostly stealth, action-adventure and anything with a group of engaging audience.

like piggy, flicker etc.

also, simulators and tycoons are the MOST profitable games, they’re not very popular compared to other games but they make a lot of profit

You have a good point, I just really hate games that aren’t 100% unique. For example: Royale High is 100% unique.


Games can take inspiration from other games and make it different. For example, Adopt Me takes inspiration from the years of those “Adopt and Raise” games and made it much better.