What is the most resource effective way of replicating blender in roblox studio

So I’m thinking of making a plugin to basically replicate blender in roblox studio solely because the camera there sucks and I’ve run into the problem of the best way of going around doing it without lagging out my pc and causing a thermonuclear explosion in my country.

The goal is to make it create triangles or something every frame or updating it so that it can work by moving around points in an animator plugin such as Moon Animator and then replicating that ingame or exporting it as a mesh. Similar to how Guilty Gear does their 2.5d characters, I’ve found a way to create outlines for the models for a more anime look by utilizing surface guis and their layering feature and it works quite well!

Prototype using parts as the outline

Just pretend it’s an anime nose. Made using gui for the lines and covering them from specific angles.

So back to picking the least laggy method, I have for filling in triangles, 2 choices:
A. Creating triangle parts between 3 points (like that thing EgoMoose did if you ever searched it up)

B. Creating 2d triangles using surface gui on transparent parts (basically method 1 but using gui to render one side at a time, but I’m not sure if putting an additional object would be faster)

And for the outlines:

  1. Creating a model for every frame of an animation using surface gui to create perspective based lines or smth to simulate drawings. Basically making a script to create a model beforehand similar to the video I shared above and then loading it into the game for every frame. (might be the hardest choice)

  2. Method 1 but doing it every frame (probably the worst choice but eh)

  3. Creating a frame based on the camera’s position using lines between the points and then putting a range of the angles it can be viewed from for customizability to show and hide lines. (Rendering 3d objects every rendered frame)

If anybody knows which is the most optimal way or a more optimal method, please let me know.
Also this is my first post on the forum so hello. :wave:

What is so bad about blender’s camera that makes you want to replicate this in roblox studio?

Ok so, I can’t move using wasd and it’s painful using the mouse idk why.
There’s like a fly mode but that just doesn’t work for me :pensive:

Using Shift + F on the 27X keymap or the default 2.7 keymap allows you to have a freecamera and fly around https://gyazo.com/9eee9744b36445ef6bd0601e7f853d81

Like I said blender camera just feels painful to control. I’m not sure how edit the fly mode settings so it works just like studio but I think it’s more convenient to have it animate in roblox studio instead of waiting a few seconds to import it from blender. “necessity is the mother of invention” and like a speedrunner, I wanna shave a few seconds of my game development run and hopefully help others who have an acute hatred for the blender 3d engine. Just look at the logo it looks like a washing machine.

PLEASE make this plug in! IT WOULD BE A LIFE SAVER. Blender is hard.

Damn your taking shots at blender… With all fun and games aside this is a tall task infront of you and I applaud you. I don’t know if there would be an effective way of replicating blender inside roblox studio but for one to handle all of the geometry you bet i would be using object oriented programming, so that’s a pretty good place to start.

Ey. Having a father in the army. I think he would be great for the plug in.

Can anyone send me blenders logom

Shave a few seconds? Don’t tell me you have my shaver!


This is the first result in the images section of google with the blender logo.
Blender doesn’t really seem that hard, kinda like modeling in roblox studio. It has very good tools for things that could be hard in studio so learning it (which shouldn’t be super difficult) might be a great option if you’re gonna learn modeling.