What is the name of this Pattern?

Hello! I’m Jack, AKA Pleazers on Roblox…

I am creating a new icon for my upcoming Group, Thrust Studio, and would like to use a certain pattern that I love the look of. But there is a problem! I can’t seem to track down it’s proper name, so there for I’m unable to find it.

Here is what the pattern looks like…
(The way I got it was from typing “Thumbnail Backgrounds” and don’t have the correct types I’m looking for)


If you could shed some light on the situation and help me out, I would be more than appreciative.



It’s called a star burst (not the candy though!). Search it up in Google and this is what comes up:

So, it’s mostly correct in the context.

EDIT: Actually, a burst would also work.


Comedy B)

I’ll try out Star Burst, Thanks ;3

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I think the pattern is called sunburst.

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You can make them on starburstgenerator.com for free.

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