What is the normal price for a shirt?

Hello fellow roblox devs! I have lately hired 2 clothing developers, and 1 of them wants to be paid per shirt. He is saying he wants 70 robux for his 1 shirt. I was wondering if this was a good price or if I should decrease how much he gets. Thanks!


Depends on the quality, and the complexity of the shirt, I’d say a pretty simple, average shirt should be about that price.

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In all honesty, even if he only spent a half hour making it, US Federal minimum wage would mean that you owe R$1,000 so he can get $3 USD by cashing out. You’re getting a deal, take it. Artists are seriously undervalued. They spend a lot of time for only a little pay, and they deserve more than minimum wage.

Edit: This isn’t a requirement to pay this much, because you’re not a legal employer, he’s not an employee, and you’re not paying him with real currency. But he probably deserves at least that much. Again, just take the deal.


Min wage only applies for jobs done in US currency.

Of course, I suppose I should have specified that it’s not a legal requirement. I was using that to compare how much he should have earned for his troubles. R$70 as a one-time payment is pretty much doing work for free.

Yes, I understand it’s not required but if we all payed everyone min wage basically no one would get a commission.

And if everyone actually expected minimum wage, then for that reason you mentioned, nobody would work on Roblox. This is getting off-track though.

70R$ for a shirt is a very good deal. If his work is very detailed and advanced, I’d maybe give him much more than 70R$. But even if not, 70 is a good amount in my opinion.

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