What is the Occurrance, and Meaning of this Error?

So Recently, Ive been coming across an error which I dont fully understand why Im getting it, or what it means exactly.

Error in Question:
exception while signaling: Must be a LuaSourceContainer

When does this error usually occur? as I randomly started getting this error?


LuaSourceContainer Is the deepest instance you can reach in Roblox’s engine, it is what every single Script-Type uses to function.

This error is one of the few errors that you cannot really fix nor does it cause any issues, the error is caused by the Roblox Studio Software.

Edit: Depending on what went wrong in the LuaSourceContainer it has the ability to kill threads, keep this in mind. If it occurs frequently, then maybe file a bug report.


Is it safe to ignore? It spams my output every 10ish seconds and it’s getting pretty annoying.

I’ve tried narrowing it down but I feel like I get nowhere…