What is the order property for accessorys?

I’m trying to use the SetAccessorys() function, it doesn’t work when I try to use it for layer clothing
Input table missing Order!

my table is structured like this

		AccessoryType = AccessoryType,
		AssetId = ProductInfo.AssetId,
		IsLayered = ProductInfo.AssetTypeId >= 64 and ProductInfo.AssetTypeId <= 72, 
        Order = nil,


any table entry that does not have an Order will be considered a rigid accessory and put in the appropriate property according to the AccessoryType

I’m using GetProductInfo() to retrieve the assetid, and the accessorytype however it doesn’t give return a order property, I’m a bit confused on what the property even is for, and what should I even set it to

Here a video with what i’m trying to do, It puts on the wolf head fine, but not the maid outfit cause its a layered clothing item