What is the proper way to scale the player character?

What is currently the best way to scale the player character, so the newly added accessories will be with the proper scale, animations will work, etc.?
Should I use the new ScaleTo method of the character model ?
Or should I use the following code?

local HS = Humanoid.HeadScale
local BDS = Humanoid.BodyDepthScale
local BWS = Humanoid.BodyWidthScale
local BHS = Humanoid.BodyHeightScale

HS.Value = HS.Value * 2
BDS.Value = BDS.Value * 2
BWS.Value = BWS.Value * 2
BHS.Value = BHS.Value * 2

Or may be some combination of the two?

Thanks in advance

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I’m pretty sure that’s just how you do it.

The most simplest way is to use the character:ScaleTo() method, but I’m pretty sure what you did is correct.