What is the purpose of OriginalSize and OriginalPosition?

First off I’d like to ask ya’ll not to flag this post for wrong category because I don’t have the regular rank therefore I CANNOT post this in other categories. This has happened several times, so please don’t

Anyway, what the title says. What the heck is the purpose of them? They do nothing but ruin the characters of my game when I’m editing accessories to fit characters, by resetting the sizes and positions of the hats and accessories to their default state. I just tried to use a plugin to fix this issue (instance mass delete plugin) and typed in OriginalSize and OriginalPosition, and then, when I placed the hats with NO OriginalSizes and OriginalPositions, my character LITERALLY started becoming skinny. And I don’t mean like it just resized the character, it was resizing each character body part every 1 second by 0.5 studs, and when i cut-pasted the character back, it stopped, but it was still SUPER skinny (pretty much like sticks). I tried to get video footage, but when I started recording, it stopped happening, but here’s a screenshot

(it had the midnight blue sparkle time fedora, the blue guest hair and a retextured version of the sparkle time clockwork shades)

So yeah that’s basically my question, I can’t figure out why anybody cared about adding those 2 little things to studio.

Edit: the reason i’m so mad about this is because OriginalSizes and OriginalPositions have been causing me issues since 2018 and I never cared enough to posted

Edit 2: Andddd now it seems duplicating a character with hats with those values I so despise now shrinks the duplicate once by 0.5 studs, which is STILL A LOT for a character!