What is the true extent of the "6 second audio length" limit?


Recently, ROBLOX released the Audio Privacy Update (more like a downdate, but whatever), which made all public audio more than 6 seconds private, while still keeping all audio within 6 seconds public.

However, my question is: What is the true extent of the length that you can achieve within these 6 seconds? There’s miliseconds we need to take into account, so what about those? Would it be 05.999, 06.000, or 6.999?

As far as I know, this question hasn’t been asked before. Probably because most people wouldn’t care to know the answer, but in some cases it might actually need to be known.

What are your thoughts on this?


I guess it was whatever Roblox chose to qualify as sound effects even though new audio still can’t be made public even if it’s a sound effect…

I regret bumping this but apparently the handful of audio that is still set to work in all experiences, is no longer exempt from the freeze on marketplace distribution (the most you can do is share the ID if it says its set to public).