What is the use of animation events?

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Ive been wanting to use the ROBLOX animation system to my advantage, and to do that I need to know what events are and what they are used for…

Ive heard they’ve been used for scripting but im still confused. Are they used to play certain parts in an animation? If so do they only play the parts where they’ve been placed? Or do they play the keyframes behind it until it reaches the next event mark?

Im currently working on combat animations and If my assumptions are right then i’d need to start using animation events.

It would be nice if I could get some context behind it! :smiley:

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They are basically events that fire when the animation reaches a certain keyframe. I’ve used it to create properly synchronized sounds for my weapons. I don’t believe it is necessary at all if you are animating normally, it is only if you want to make something happen when the animation hits a certain point. Here’s a post that elaborates more on them. Revamped Animation Events


So can they be used like this? (An example)

The player clicks their screen, a part of an animation plays instead of the entire animation itself

I’m not too sure, but you could probably make a keyframe marker at where you want the animation to stop and end the animation through script that way.

Ah, makes sense! Thank you for your help!

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