What is this character?

So I was messing around with some properties and somehow made a glitchy junk data script that crashes your Roblox studio in a few seconds. I managed to copy it before I crashed and pasted it into another script for analysis. (pasting to notepad doesn’t work for something i tell later). So as I analyzed it, I found some invisible characters. I was testing what would/wouldn’t copy and I found the culprit. For some reason I can only copy in Studio and the copy is fake, Windows has a blank clipboard entry with 0 text. If I use the Windows entry, it doesn’t even work in Studio. I managed to get the character in a Script and it seems to make things ignore later things. Change the name of something to include it and it’ll be broken in properties. Also, it breaks scripts by making the text white and stopping all code from being run. Good for ReadMe scripts I guess. Anyway what even is this elusive character?

The Script:

How in the world do I see it then?

I got the character from the junk data, the junk crashes it, not the character. The script just has the character.

I think I just figured it out! I somehow managed to copy and use… a NULL character?! The thing you use to end strings… For some reason I can’t recreate it with scripting and it instead just ends the string as you’d expect. Not sure why it didn’t completely do that when I used the “clipboard.”

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