What is this Datastore error? How do I fix it?

This is the datastore error:
DataStore request was added to queue. If request queue fills, further requests will be dropped. Try sending fewer requests.Key = Instance

I’m really kind of new to the datastore feature of Roblox, so I’m not familiar with all the possible errors that come from datastores. Anyways, here is a picture of my code. Please tell me if you can find the place in the code that is causing this error. (Btw, I am firing a remote event from a local script to a script, which calls a function with the datastore and it returns a new value for the value.

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The error means you’re sending too many requests at once. From the looks of your code, you should just save the player’s trail boolean when they leave and load it when they join instead of firing a remote because that’ll fill up the requests.

Also, RemoteEvent:FireServer() doesn’t return anything. You’d want to use a RemoteFunction

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It states that the data store request was throttled and added to a queue, so it’ll resume after 7 seconds approximately since that is the cooldown to save data in a short amount of time for the same key:

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You’re getting rate limited for too many Datastore calls with the same key.

Why don’t you show us the datastore calls, instead of two screenshots of unrelated code? You’re probably calling one of the Datastore Async functions repeatedly with the same key unintentionally. “Key = Instance” suggests you’re trying to use an instance reference or something, instead of a string or number key. Are you possibly using a ValueObject reference instead of ValueObject.Value?

it’s because your sending to many requests.