What is this hidden post feature for?

Was just browsing a topic right now. Has a few posts, and some posts are hidden.

The button says “View 15 hidden posts”. I can still actually see them though when I click so that’s good.

What is it for and should I worry about it.

I think it’s maybe for post that are not contributing to the OP. Not sure though!

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That’s what happens when you press “Summarize” under the main post. It only displays the most liked ones.


OH OH that’s what I pressed. I used that button yesterday, however it didn’t do that.

Additionally, this feature(outside of summarise mode) is also for forum moderators and admins when a post in a thread gets deleted. They will be able to see all of the posts in a thread after deletion for safety and moderation purposes.

when posts are deleted, they don’t actually get deleted permanently