What is this man?

Cn you guys help me what is this? and how can i fix it? also walk anim like 2009??

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It’s a free model and nothing else.

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so how can i find this fm this is sus

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Select this with the selection tool. But… How did this come to your game?

idk i think other devs added

It matches your avatar. I think they wanted to make a statue of you.

idk what that mean my english bad

and not only my avatar, every player.

Have you used any free models from the Toolbox, or any Plugins that may have been changed to put scripts into your game?

i dont but other devs use some fm in my opinion

I’d suggest going through all the contents of every Part, Folder, Model and anything else that has a grey triangle next to it (ReplicatedStorage, StarterCharacterScripts etc.) to see if there is anything fishy in them.
You can also use the Search tool at the top of the Explorer window and put Script in the search bar, but if the script has been renamed the search tool may not find it.

Do you mean why is the character R6?

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Then game is dead right_? uh oh thats bad

No, I didn’t say that. Just look through everything to see if there are scripts you or your friends didn’t put in there.

NO Why my face yellow and the character walk like roblox 2006

This avatar is R6 and from what I remember yellow was the normal head colour for R6 avatars.
If your game settings are set to R6 then all players will be R6, if the setting is R15 then players will have the R15 body.

Oh Yeah Thats fixed The Problem Thank You!

It was actually @PrismaticShadows suggestion.