What is this script?

I want to know what this script is or what is says. However, it’s a bunch of l’s and tables.

I have no idea what this script even means since (I assume) its obfuscated.

I haven’t done much besides go here.


I have to provide images since max character body limit. This is not all of it since it would tons of images.

Script Name: BulletDamageReplicator

Edit: I was asleep when the owner and the head developer made this. So I’m not sure what this is or where it came from.

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It’s obfuscated

Don’t expect someone to understand it (unless they can deobfuscate it)

afaik, they’re not allowed on roblox and id suggest telling your developer not to do this


literally delete that, probablly just backdooring the game for a certain executor.