What is this warning and how do I fix it?


i have never seen that in my life.

did you add a script and do something or is that default ?

I found the problem, don’t worry. It’s that Tools count as models now and my script thinks it’s the StarterCharacter, I’m currently trying to find a definite fix to it, for now I did Morph.Parent.StarterCharacter which is unreliable because its slower than the old one.

Just don’t name the tool “StarterCharacter”? This sounds like a bug.

Interesting. I have never seen that one either. But I do remember an announcement awhile back where Tool is now going to be a descendent of Model so all the model properties, methods, and events are applied to tools which give added flexibility.

It’s not named that, I fixed it by the way, so no need to respond here anymore.

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