What is this Weird Script in my Parts?

I’m not really sure if this is the correct category for this, so tell me if it should go somewhere else.

Recently, I realized that there was this weird script in ALL of the parts in the game I’m making. I’ve never seen anything like this before.


Here’s what’s inside of the script.

There is also another script in workspace called AntiVirus that has the same code in it.

The game this happened in is in a game I’m making with a couple of my friends, and we didn’t use any free models.

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This, as you can probably tell, is a virus. The cause of it is one of your (or your friend’s) plugins. Will you send a screenshot of the plugins you use?

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I’m pretty sure the only plugin in this we used is GapFill.

Even if you only used GapFill, plugins can run by themselves (used or not). GapFill is not a virus so it is one of the other plugins owned by any of you.

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These are the plugins I have.

The only ones that I can say are safe are:

Part Counter
Model Resize --Though make sure it is from the original developer because I don't know who it is.
AutoScale --I might be wrong but I am pretty sure it is safe
Load Character
Moon Animator
3D Text --Once again, make sure its from original dev
Part to Terrain
F3X Building Tools
Gap Fill --And the other plugins by Stravant
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Alright, I deleted some plugins that I didn’t need or that you didn’t put on the list and seemed sketchy. Should I just delete the scripts now?

Run this is the command line (to save some time):

for i, v in pairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do
    if v:IsA("Script") and v.Name == "Fix" then

Keep in mind that if your friends have untrustworthy plugins, their plugins could also be the source.


Thanks for the help! Now we don’t have to worry about a virus and actually work on the game instead.


I can vouch that gapfill is not a virus unless your using a fake version of it by some chance.

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This is the wrong category, but that’s alright… This is a very blatant virus from either a plug-in you have, or a free model that you used. Make sure all the plugins you use are made by trusted people and not some random group with a name like R0BLOXPLUGINS… Also checking comments of the groups that are linked with plugins are helpful as there are always people saying that they are backdoor viruses. Anyways, I hope I helped,


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