What is Tween Service?

Can someone explain tween service, and what are some good use cases? I tried checking discord servers, yt, and dev hub. I can’t find a good answer. Any response it appreciated! :smiley:

How I understand it is where you can take parts and put a sort of animation on them. I learned from TheDevKing on what the tween service meant, so I suggest you check him out.

I watched the dev king’s gui series and beginner series. He is a good teacher. I am on his advanced series now, but I don’t understand the tutorial he made about tween service.

Here is a quick tut by the dev king about part tweening

Yeah I watched it. But I still don’t understand it.

What part don’t you understand maybe i can explain.

The variable part. Like why did he have to say put the TweenInfo.new in a variable. And the ending with the tables. Why does he have to put it in a table?

So that way roblox can reference your settings with out you having to put it down for everytime you want to use the tween. By settings i mean the tween properties if that makes more sense

Ok, so pretty much tweenservice is tweens stuff, which in animation means to animate one thing from one place to another. Tweeninfo table is used to give information to the module about what kind of tween it should do. In tweeninfo usually if you are doing something basic you would just put the amount of seconds. The reason it is a tabel because you can put multiple pieces of information in it. Then their is a goal variable and it is usually like position or size and then it tweens to that position or size.

ooh, I see. Understood. Thanks! :smiley:

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