What is UDim2/UDim? And what is the difference

So, im currently making a hp bar and i noticed a function that i always hear about in gui making but i dont really touch on…

making the gui and scripting it myself but, i did some dogging to help myself script it myself… oh and if a post already exists like this one please tell me!!

Which is UDim’s, can someone explain me how this works? Im kinda confused on the roblox wiki… i think a mire detailed explanation and since im not that good of a scripter i need a more clear explanation too!
Anyways, thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for reading my post!! This forum has been a lot of help to me… And i am thankful for that!!


UDims are basically the dimensions of a UI, hence “UDim”. 1 UDim is half of a UDim2, so 1 axis. You can read more about them here.


Oooh, although i kinda dont understand the wiki much… but ill try lol
Anyways, tysm!!