What is VRTiltandRollEnabled mean

I was messing around with the camera and i found a one of the property called VRTiltAndRollEnabled . I searched into documentation but i found nothing maybeeee . since It said VR im assuming its for VR ??

Can I have an explanation about it?

I don’t have a VR headset, but I’ll reply since nobody responded yet.

Generally, anything with a VR in the name applies to virtual reality (VRService, in the player modules VRNavigation, VRBaseCamera …).

It’s quite a guesswork to speculate what the property does, but we know it’s brand new (Camera - Roblox API Reference, added 2023-05-24). Camera tilt is movement around camera’s x-axis relative to the focal point, and camera’s roll is movement around relative z-axis.

Perhaps we’ll soon know in fresh #updates:release-notes.