What is Welding?

Hello Developers,

I am trying to understand what welding is. I have tried watching peasfactory’s tutorial, the dev king, and other. They don’t make sense. I search topics related to this on the forums and even tried looking at the dev hub. They all don’t make sense. I see things like part1, part0, C1, C0 and other things that don’t make sense. Can someone people explain it to me. Any response is appreciated! :smiley:


WeldConstraint (roblox.com)

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It is to bring parts together in easy terms

This causes the parts to move in a synchronized formation

Just like @StarxDust_Crusader said, it’s meant to bring parts together, lt basically holds parts together. When making a conveyor belt you should use welds it keeps the parts together so they dont move. If I’m not mistaken if you anchor a conveyor belt it won’t work.

I see, so instead of anchoring parts from now on, I should weld them? Also what does things like C0, C1, Part0, and Part1 mean?

Well what do you need to make?

Only anchor parts if you are very sure that they will NEVER move. Use welds if you want to make a part stick to another’s part regardless of physics.

Nothing. I am currently watching the dev king’s advanced series and he made a video in it about welding. He made a blue part occur over the player’s head when they touch a part.

Oh, I see. Like a car’s wheel?

Yeah, car’s wheel needs weld, however they use constraints because a car’s wheel, logically will spin.

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Ohh, so you’re interested in scripting thats where my knowledge stops. I don’t want to mislead you when it comes to scripting as I am a builder.

I see. Thanks for the help anyways!

Thank you @ItzMeZeus_IGotHacked. Your reply is GREATLY appreciated! :smiley: