What is Winch in Rope Constraints?

I don’t what is winch. Please explain in simple words and if you have any links to understand it please give it to me.

This link takes you to the description of RopeConstraints. From there you can click the links for WinchForce and other Properties of Winch.

If you need a description of what a winch does, think of a crane cable, or the winch on the front of a 4x4 truck.

What a non-answer for me to stumble across wondering the same thing, considering none of those on the API reference have any descriptions at all. Must be something new that Roblox hasn’t documented yet.


just going off of context its probably gonna be something used to make the rope pull. Or get shorter which results in pulling. Only going off of what a winch is irl. Its probs new which is why it doesnt have a description


A non-answer? There are answers given when you look up the RopeConstraint Winch items.
Or did you just mean a post that doesn’t have a Solution marked?

Since there are now 2 Roblox information pages (develop.roblox.com & create.roblox.com) here is the link to the second pages information as well:
RopeConstraint | Roblox Creator Documentation

Oh, it’s a shame the first page has virtually no information on it. I really despise the layout of the new page, so only seeing Winch completely un-described there made it seem pretty undocumented.