What is wrong with my monetization?

So I recently released my game Samurai Warrior, and with 4000+ visits over about 4 days , I made a whopping 449 robux. I spent 20k on ads/sponsors. Clearly, something is wrong with my monetization.

All the things I sell, with prices

I sell 5 gamepasses: 2 tiers of VIP, (various perks such as speed and chat tag/color, 399 and 750 R$) double coins (250 R$), sword of riches, (basically what it sounds like, gives a lot of coins per kill, 299 R$), and a cosmetic trail kit (99 R$).
I also sell private servers, (50 R$/month) and coins (49 R$ for 10k, 99 R$ for 26k, 299 R$ for 108k)

If you have any idea what is wrong, please tell me as I have no idea.
Game link:


With prices like that, no wonder nobody would wanna pay for them.

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Those prices aren’t that outrageous.

@WayCoolPlayer, the fact that the game doesn’t have a lot of returning players results in it not getting a lot of revenue back. If players love the game, and return, they are far more likely to buy something than if they join and don’t love it. This isn’t as much a problem of monetization as one of game design or game exposure. I’d collect more feedback on the game, fix it up, and have another go at it.

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Small games like what you made should have cheap gamepasses, so maybe change that.

I don’t think the price of your gamepasses are the problem, that seems pretty average. The reason your game is not making money is more likely because it’s not a fun game to play.

When I joined your game, I was greeted by low-resolution UI and bad music. The only way to earn money for the first five levels is to go into a small pit with a horde of zombies that are fast and have far more health than your basic wooden sword can effectively deal with. As such, the early gameplay is just enter the pit, do as much damage as you can, die, repeat. Coupled with the fact your sword randomly unequips itself and sometimes does not slash, starting out is painful.

When you get further, some balancing issues with swords become quite apparent. the worst example I’ve found is with the uranium sword. When you inflict radiation damage on an enemy, then the enemy becomes immune to further sword attacks until the damage-over-time effect wears off, making it vastly worse than almost all its predecessors.

When you unlock the first boss, the game speeds up quite a bit, but the game still feels quite clunky with the UI and music, and sword issues. You should probably think about improving the game instead of worrying about the price of gamepasses, since I think many players simply aren’t enjoying the game enough to want to spend money.

I’m sorry to say but your game doesn’t fit properly on mobiles. The gui itself takes a lot of space.
Fixing this would be nice and even Mobile players may also like your game.
All the best :grinning:

Okay, thanks for the help, it seems like the amount of bugs I have not found and the prices may affect it. While some of you are saying the prices are too much and some say they’re fine, I’ll lower them a bit to be on the safe side. I’m not making money from them anyways. As for the bugs, I am constantly trying to fix them, though of course you wouldn’t know that unless you had been playing for a while. Thanks for the help!

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I just want to add on that since the majority of the players on Roblox play on mobile, it would be crucial for you to scale the GUIs for all devices.

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While this is true, the main audience of my game is pc users.

Doing that may also help my abysmal like/dislike ratio come to think of it…

Hey, I checked out your game and I feel like the gameplay seems a bit off in my opinion.
I think the spawn could be improved aswell as the gui’s.
I saw a few people join the game and I saw them trying to equip the sword and the only thing they were really doing was running around the spawn and leaving pretty quickly because they didn’t understand the gameplay.
Another thing people probably do is skip the tutorial like myself and that could have been a bad thing beacause I didn’t really get into the gameplay.

I think you could imporove by , making the gameplay more understandable by making it look more familiar to other simulators.
AND wow 20k, sorry dude thats a huge loss in my opinion

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was this game made in 2016 or somehing gui and music is awful

no tutorial hwo do i get exp

How is there no tutorial I put one in
The music is mine, blame the sound update for the terrible music.
I can’t gui design yet
I’m working on the game and trying to make it better.
You get xp by killing things.