What is wrong with my UI?

So I have had a post for a while.

I have went between 2 posts and neither one was quite succseful.

I have no Idea what the problem is but if could be one of 2 things.

  1. My Portfolio (Prices,Layout etc…)
    [Closed] [Super Cheap and Art is 50% Off] [High Quality] Madden21fan - A UI designer and Some Art
  2. My UI Showcase Game
    My UI Showcase 2.0 - Roblox

Or maybe a Mix of Both

Please Leave a Reply with what the problem is.

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No reply is too harsh.

Just be sure to be respectful.

The biggest issue I see is that you sent a link to a single game as your portfolio. Easy way to lose interest is to add more work, I would just add images in a drop down tab (Like your landscape drawings)


Like people just glance and go?

I recommend adding pics/shorts vids! Most of the time when I commission developers I want it to be a fast process, not one that I haft to join a game.


Ok @tateboogle123 & @enigmaDrew

I have put screenshots up on my portfolio now.

You Can take a look.

Amazing! I think I would commission you (if I had Robux.)

Thank You!

That really helps!!