What is wrong with this meshpart texture?

I’m trying to make a tree in roblox using meshparts and textures. does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

How it should look:

How it looks:

as far as the geometry of the tree is concerned, it is 4 meshparts that consist of 3 sets of leaves and the trunk. the leaves are flat, and have been duplicated on top of each other with the normals flipped so you can see the underside of the leaves.

with transparency set to 0 the leaves render fine. why cant that black just be transparent? why does the texture behind the texture closest to the camera render on top?


meshparts and parts with meshes and decals both do the exact same thing.
why are textures transparent to the point where you can see other textures through an opaque image? I dont get it.

Roblox doesn’t support alpha layers for Meshpart textures, and when you set it as a decal (which does support alpha) on a transparent Meshpart’s surface, that’s when depth sorting issues arise.

Studio depth sorting issues stem from a mobile-specific performance optimization, but I know there are some feature requests to disable that for specific situations. I’d link to them but I’m mobile, a quick search would locate them easy enough.

I’m on my PC now, here’s the link:

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so, no current solution solves the problem I’m having?

Unfortunately none that I know of besides modelling leaves themselves. I tend to get around this by making one or two leaves and copying them to maintain performance.

Model the leaves and try painting them by vertex.

I fixed it by individually exporting and importing each leaf and each leaf underside as separate meshparts.
took forever. Roblox PLZ fix.

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