What is your opinions of my Pets?

Hello everyone!
I am creating new Pets in my game, and I need your opinions to improve the construction of these Pets!

Your opinion is welcome! And it will be read with great affection.

Whoever gives a good opinion that helps in the development, will win a Tag “Contributor” in my game (it will be announced soon).

Thanks for reading, see you later!

By Eric_Gaming502


These have great looking faces and accessories. However, shouldnt the pet on the left have blue particles? And they eyes on the right pet just look like red blobs. They need more detail

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These are pretty good. There is not much to correct except the right pet is grey and has red eyes. I suggest making a higher definition decal for the eyes. I do not know what the red and white particles are behind both the pets so I cant comment, but for the pet on the left I suggest a tail and for the one on the right I’d suggest turning his body (face?) to black as red compliments black better and gives it a more sinister vibe. Otherwise great job!

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These are very nice, I’d recommend maybe changing the colour of the effects on the left pet (maybe a teal - just to match the wings) Also, i’d recommend changing the transparency of the neon sections to a lower setting as the neon is quite bright.
Also, as everyone else has stated, changing the quality of the face decal on the right pet.

I like it but I think you should experiment with the shape, right now it’s just a box, good work though.

I think they look good for the style you’re going for, although I think that it would look better if the colors of the accessories on the pets fit better with the color of the pets, they kind of clash because they are so different from each other. Like ArcticStarfall said, I think you should experiment with the shape of them a bit. I know it’s supposed to be a simulator type pet but it might make your game stand out a bit more.

To be wicked you also have to show wickedness! I added a red shade, to capture your evil soul!

  • The wings are a little big
  • Added a Red and Black Tone
  • Added Mouth (Didn’t have: 'D)


Thanks to everyone for the Feedback, if you want to give more opinions, the doors are open and will be appreciated!


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That looks really good! Good luck on your game btw

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