What isn't allowed on this image?

This just got me warned, which kinda annoys me because my chances for devex are getting lower and lower with these false warnings.

Another side note is that this image got accepted :weary:

I would recommend uploading images on an alt account, because the moderation isn’t the best to put it lightly. About what may be classed as “inappropriate”, maybe the fact that he is about to stab the dude in the back of his neck?


Fair point

I’ve contacted appeals at support on what they think is wrong, but I’m not expecting much from them.

Thanks for your reply, I’ll make sure to upload assets on alt accounts next time

I know this is already solved but I would like to add how the decal moderation is very inconsistent a lot of the time for unclear reasons. You could upload an asset and it gets denied, and sometimes you can just flip it upside-down or reverse it and it gets accepted. It’s confusing but thats just how it is I guess.

Yeah I added a watermark to the top left and it got accepted
Such a weird moderation system

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I’ve know staff on devforum that I contacted trough pm and they helped me almost instantly

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I had some issues with moderation with images before. I uploaded images for a tutorial for a game I was working on at the time, I was warned for making an ADVERTISEMENT (like what) that would make the player want to click on it more than once… Just wait a bit then try again.

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