What kind of adult words can i use in my game

Hello, so I’m creating a game with a somewhat dark story and action…
What I want to know is what words I can and cannot use (for the category over 13)
-abuse but is going to leave a message against abuse
that goes inside the game (the story)
Tell me what else can I not use or what can I use?

any opinion is appreciated please

What are you using the words for? These words can all be o.k. depending on how you use them. ‘Threats’ and ‘discrimination’ depending on what way you use it would be best to leave out though.

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Damn, hell, thats all I would use on roblox. Moderation is SO strict

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I believe you can use kidnapping for the story, but not discrimination or threats, unless the threats are something like an enemy taunting you or something like that.

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I agree with @Pancake4878. I think it really depends on the context surrounding these words.

Just be careful on how you use them as Roblox moderation has become so strict even though they are ‘aging up the platform’.

I think threats and discrimination (depends on the level of discrimination) probably would not be allowed.

I’m not sure about the abuse even though there is a disclaimer. When handling that, be very careful.

I also agree with @PahcaPower. Even though damn isn’t super appropriate, I think you could easily get away with that.

Like I said earlier, be careful on what you use, and how you use it as Roblox is becoming so strict.

Threats, abuse, and discrimination is most likely not tolerated.

I believe you can only use those topics when your able to restrict your game to just verified users.

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