What kind of buildings/places should players be able to visit in a game about farming?

I am working on a game with a friend called Farm Adventures, and I wanted to add more visit-able places on the map. There is currently a main town, a lumber mill, a small village, and a cave/construction site. What other ideas do you guys have for places?


Well, a farm of course, a barn would be something good.

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I was thinking about adding one, but there is already one in the town and since players can build their own farms, I didn’t really want to build a random farm on the map.

A fishing place? Like a dock that leads to a lake with a hut that sells worms or something nearby it? Kinda has something to do with farming I guess.

Yea that would be cool, but there is already a fishing store in the town lol

Rip, what about a market place to sell your goods at?

Yep we have that in the town too :joy:

I would make the game fun to play make sure it’s well made and farm adventure, seems like a good game i would add some tractors cows horses and other stuff.! Hope the game goes well…

Thank you and we have added those too. We are looking to add more items in the future. You can check the game out here: https://www.roblox.com/games/2031478647/Farm-Adventures-Alpha

It will be free to play on May 10th, and people who buy access will get a special item on release. A big update is coming out soon and we are always looking for feedback/suggestions

Okay, let’s break it down!


What does it contain?

  • Barns
  • Wind mill
  • Farmland
  • Farming vehicles; tractors
  • Shed
  • Fences
  • Signs
  • Lanterns
  • Scarecrow
  • Stables
  • Market stands; we sell fruits & vegetables
  • Terrain composition: Grass, farmland, dirt, minorly rocky

Well if they are exploring, a forest with a lake would be a great idea, maybe they can go fishing there for some extra currency.

How about a lighthouse on a cliff? What about a train yard and a hobo camp nearby? A logging camp that sends logs down the river to the mill in town? A campgrounds and forest ranger station? Mysterious ruins of a forgetten civilization…

Oh I can go with on and on!

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We already have all of those lol, but the horse stables would be a good idea!

That could be a good idea! Since fishing is already in the game, we could just expand

Those are all really cool ideas!

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A place to buy farming vechicles maybe?

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It’s great to hear this! I would think it would be great to incorporate the use of possibly say, visiting and exploring areas, that can include certain things like rare items, for example, @NewFissy’s ‘TreeLands’ game has areas where you can go and explore, to find better crops and items. I think this is a great idea to experiment with. In conclusion I believe that this would be flexible and a game idea like this would be great at giving an insight into this exploration side of Roblox.

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Thanks for giving me a reference game. I have never played it, but will check it out!

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