What kind of leaderstats i should use?

So, i have managed to use DataStores, and i think i can make leaderstats which instead of making them of values, i can make them with only DataStores. Well, now, i don’t know if i should make it only of DataStores, or only values, what i should use?

Ideally, leaderstats are saved to datastores, while the stats themselves are loaded in-game to serverstorage under your own leaderstats folder (or you could use a table in a script). Now if you want to use the Roblox leaderstats for the game leaderboards, you need to update these stats to the client. It is important to note that you always keep the stats on the server so the client can’t change them to whatever they want. Just send the data whenever it changes so it updates correctly.

Does that help?

Well, i just wanted to know which one i should use, because with DataStore, i don’t requiere Values (IntValues, StringValues, etc.) to make leaderstats, i can only use DataStore instead. But i don’t know if i should keep basic leaderstats or make a leaderstats system with only DataStore.

What I was saying is that you need both - the values (or table in script) and the datastores. The datastores are for saving/loading and the leaderstats are for sharing the information that came from the datastores.

Well, actually if i use leaderstats, i need the script to create the values and datastore to save them. If i use the DataStore system, i just need the datastore service thing and that only.

Using leaderstats is meant to display data to the players - how else will players know what their stats are? Even if they are in the datastores, you still need some way to communicate and hold those stats on the client for each player.

If this still doesn’t make sense, perhaps someone else can provide a clearer explanation. Sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for.

It is, otherwise, i would not make my kind of system of leaderstats. Going to keep simple: I want to know if i should use the roblox leaderstats system, or only use datastores and not any type of value or leaderstats.