What levels of imprisonment are acceptable for a game?

I’m planning to create a prison simulator, except it would be based on old timey victorian era-like prisons. What is acceptable on ROBLOX and what goes beyond the safe line? Are striped pajama like uniforms allowed? Or do I have to include a different design for inmate clothes? I want to keep a healthy balance between historically accurate and ROBLOX-friendly.

In short, I would need to know if these points are okay, or if they are innapropiate:

  1. Striped pajama inmate clothes?
  2. Labor? (work hours)
  3. Guards with rifles and/or melee weapons?
  4. Roleplay death row?
  5. Poor conditions? (shared cells, somewhat dirty surrounding)

If there are any other points that you think would go under this type of time era and are not innapropiate for ROBLOX, let me know.


Death row I would not say would be allowed.
Poor conditions if VERY extreme would not be allowed.

Everything else is fine.


I’d avoid this due to connotations with the holocaust.

I’ve seen games that include this. Just avoid making it seem like slavery.


I’ve seen it done before, but I’d suggest you avoid it.


Heads up, it’s Roblox in typography.


Based on what did you make these statements?

If it is borderline torture which matches past history then I would not say it would be allowed, in concentration camps people ate out of the same bowls they used for toilets.

Probably not. Something different like solitary or Maximum Area?

Shared cells aren’t bad and shouldn’t get you or your game taken down even though they are dirty.

Guards with a rifle probably won’t matter since Jailbreak has guns too and isn’t taken down, just melee weapons maybe not. It is similar to real life violence.

Work hours shouldn’t get your game taken down atleast if it isn’t too strict on the player.

Stiped pajama’s should be changed. That is underwear and is probably inappropiate for Roblox. I recommend somehthing different like a shirt and pants uniform.

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