What lightings make a game super realistic (and laggy)

Im making a realistic mode that is going to be as realistic as possible.

What items in lighting could make that possible?

If you have an idea, do it like this:

Blur: size 5

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Technology: Future
EnvironmentDiffuseScale: 1
EnvironmentSpecularScale: 1


  • FarIntensity: 0.15
  • FocusDistance: 15
  • InFocusRadius: 50
  • NearIntensity: 0.75

And finally, add some Atmosphere.


for some reason, when I change depthoffield or bloom or anything else except for blur, it doesn’t show? Are there any possible solutions to that?

Did you click the Enable box? That might be the reason why.

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Some post-processing effects don’t appear in lower graphics settings. Try changing your render settings through Studio settings and/or play a live or solo session.


I dont explore those type of stuff much since I’m pretty busy with helping people…

pretty sure I did. I just insert and I think its auto checked

I don’t believe it is auto-checked when you first create a game using the 2021 Baseplate. Just try what dukzae said.

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Did you add a skybox? it won’t show if you have no skybox in studio.

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wait- it doesn’t?-

time to test it out

hm it doesn’t work…

is it some sort of setting

Try to enable depthoffield and bloom, and mess with the settings in the lighting.

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