What made you quit my game? [NEIGHBORS VOICE CHAT]

I released my game Neighbors a few weeks ago and so far it has been doing alright. It’s a voice-chat hangout game where you can match with a random player and talk.

Would you guys mind checking my game out and providing some feedback? Specifically:

  • What you like & don’t like.
  • What made you leave the game? For example, some people leave when they’re skipped multiple times.
  • Any other suggestions/bug reports!

Game Link: Neighbors 🔊 [Voice Chat] - Roblox

Thank you!

  1. there’s nothing i like or don’t.
  2. i left the game because i once talked to a person, they asked “how are you?”, i answered “i got my new forgis on the jeep” and then they were in silence and it was awkward and then i decided to leave. anyway it’s cringe when you just met a totally random person from another country then you asked questions all of the sudden.
  1. its just awkward and at this point i’d rather just go to omegle lol
  2. i was matched with the same person like 3 times in a row which made it weird
  3. i’m not sure if you can do anything about this but my chats stayed up after i skipped/they skipped which made it weird for the next person
  4. i’m not one to say this but it was full of trolls
  5. What I DID like is the omegle-type thing where you get to talk to a stranger you’ve never met.

could’ve just been my social skills but ok :sob:

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It should be rare to match with the same person three times in a row, I gotta fix that LOL. Were you in a small server? Also what specifically made it awkward? You had nothing to say or do?

Fair enough, what do you think would reduce the awkwardness? Also, why did you decide to leave instead of just skipping?

make a player tierlist looking at their chatting activity

because in my first conversation im already feeling uncomfortable with the people.

What do you mean by ‘player tierlist’?

have you ever played combat games? you can only matchmake with a person that has the same level as you, there’s no way you are level 999 and fighting a level 1. so in my suggestion you should give player exp for chatting with other people and then after that they can do a conversation with other people who has a nearly-same exp.

I believe I was in a semi-large server?

I think so…

This actually gives me a feature request… what if you match players based off of similar interests?
Like this:
and when nobody is found:

I think something like this could benefit the game or at the minimum just a simple prompt, like “What are your hobbies?”