What makes a SRP SCP Foundation fun for you?

The SCP Genre is dying, its been dying for a while, however i’ve been looking to create my own SCPF using the SCP:CB Lore with a custom site design. I’ve got some unique features, however there’s a looming issue with the SCP Genre. IT’S SO BORING, there’s hardly ever anything to do, the gameplay loop is small and requires lots of other players to be enjoyable. There’s essentially no core mechanic in SCP games.

So my question is, what do YOU find fun about serious RP SCP games, and what can be changed to fix this major issue.


I had an experience that made me play, it’s a career and your status.

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But when you make the game, I immediately say make it so that an ordinary person who cannot enter the discord can reach “05”

So, what makes the game fun for you is the title and status?

For me, mainly gameplay. Ive played many scprp games and for me the best ones are the one that:

  1. doesnt use too much free models
  2. is created with passion
  3. doesnt go only for money

of course there are other things that makes me like scp games, like that I was playing those since I was child, but those are personal thoughts

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been playing those games for quite a while now, it always was fun. however, thats what makes a foundation fun for me:

  1. the community is cool and friendly
  2. the owner of the group isnt dead and actually interacts with the community
  3. the game needs to be creative, for example it needs to have assets that barely any other games do, maybe like a reactor (as long as the game isn’t more focused on the reactor stuff)

making those intelligence agency departments so classified isn’t really that bad, it can sometimes be fun. (unless were talking about the area omega incident)

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Area Omega

Do you tend to swing towards specific departments when you join SCPFs? I find that in smaller foundations that the main departments may get overshadowed by another department, such as MTF having more members than SD and ScD combined, etc.

I had that problem in my foundation, everyone was joining MTF instead of SD. and there was absolutely no way to get them to join SD


Pros & Cons in my opinion:


  • You can create your own career, from a Class-D to O5.
  • You can apply for most departments that even exist, or join custom ones made by a group.
  • There is more roleplay experience and less stupidism.


  • It takes some time for your application to be reviewed, and the questions may be really hard.
  • Serious RP does not let you do whatever you wan’t; for example just go to a specific sector without any authorization and without access.
  • Whatever you do, there may be a on-going raid.
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1 more con:

  • tryouts and applications, and both of them may be hard i just listed it

I answer late But no, not really, I mean the MOST IMPORTANT THING IS “Gameplay” what the player will do and what he can do

There is a catch with “promoting applications”, this will be a problem for the initial player, as he will rise in the career, I think it is necessary to make it so that from “D-class” to the Scientist it is Automated, but applications are already needed to get a higher rank and how to make them and where to show the player

A very simple solution is to impose restrictions so that there are only 10 people in the MTF In server

i dont think that would be a very good idea, sometimes you need lots of MTF for recontainment.

I mean most task forces have less than 20 people, there should always be way less MTF than SD.

well true but still if anything like that happens, you’d need lots of mtf

you need to be a fan of scp genre and be happy you exist mostly to pass one

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divisions, limits and tryout difficulties

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