What makes TD games boring or repetitive?

As the title says, What makes TD games boring or repetitive? If you’ve played TD games, (TDS, TDX, TB, BTD6), what makes the boring at times?


As someone who’s played TDS, TDX and TB a lot, the gameplay of Tower Defense games is basically defending against zombies with exponentially increasing cash, it’s really fun but that’s all you do, using different kinds of zombies, towers and difficulties

Without new gameplay styles, the gameplay will eventually gets stale for the player without diversifying on the gameplay.

It’s not a bad idea, in fact i find it really fun, but without much variation, it will definitely get boring eventually.

However, the right balance between adding unique, permanent gameplay and towers will help keep your game fresh. When I regularly played TDS, I was most hyped for new modes (Chaos, PvP, etc) but they never came. New towers are useful when they affect the player’s gameplay a lot.

Tower Battles has a PVP mode where you compete with other players to defend the longest. You can send zombies to the other team to sabotage their defenses, although it strains your defenses. I think it has a lot of potential and you should try exploring it.

Hope this helps if you’re making a tower defense game

Side Note: Events are good to create quick hype for the game but since they aren’t permanent, it’ll be a waste to your time once you need to remove it from the game (unless if you can develop it quick and efficiently)