What material and color is best to make water?

So I’m working on a Premium Lounge for my group, and for this detail, I got stuck. I’m trying to add a mini waterfall on a wall but I do not know what material/color to use for the water itself. Here’s a picture:

Any suggestions?

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I would highly suggest using any type of blue for the water (But it’s your choice on water color)
If you don’t to use the Reflectance property, then I would make it the foil material, which can make it look like water, even when slightly transparent.

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Thanks! I’ll try it out and say how it goes later on.

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The notion that water is always blue was always silly to me. Water is actually colorless by default.

I’d make the color of the water a white or grey with a higher transparency, but the color always depends on the surrounding environment and what style you’re going for.


you should do this epicc thing called inserting a part, making it blue, and making it granite boom EZ

i want it realistic tho, not just a normal part lol

then idk how to help lollolollolol

Use this texture id: 392496830