What mobile WOULD look like on studio

Ok so i saw a post about if studio should be on mobile, so i made this image:

its basically a screenshot of my studio with more buttons and hand made menus


Cool, yet, I still don’t want studio on mobile.


I agree, it just wouldn’t make much sense as everything would have to be smaller, less complex and well it just ain’t worth it when it would also limit the stuff you can do/make.

The Roblox is making a Roblox Studio Version…

Legit? That sounds like a bad idea the games just can’t have the same quality as let’s say a game made on PC.

Yea it’s bad, but in youtube in the last 2 months there are very videos saying that the Roblox is making a Roblox Studio for Mobile.

Roblox studio for mobile? No I don’t think it is a good idea, it will be quite impossible to use.

Imagine the script editor on mobile…

It would probably lag a LOT depending on what phone you have. I don’t think this is a good idea at all.

In my opinion, i would also not like mobile because all of the controls on the screen would make it very cramped, and it would probably crash a lot of phones or ipads.

I can’t imagine studio in mobile. Hope it never happens tbh. Only exception would be if they were to introduce a different style of coding instead. Like block coding. This would make it more accessible for users as they could drag and join blocks of code together easily.

It looks pretty nice. But still, the concept of Roblox Studio being on any platform other than PC is enough to make me cringe.

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Horrible idea lol, its cool but scripting would be horrible and building would be worst, I myself is reliant on blender so that would also be a down side.

image Just put it to scale for you!

Run a windows emulator on your phone :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

In all honesty though, eventhough pretty bad idea, could be used for people who genuinely can’t afford anything else other than their phone.

Wonder if my phone could run it

I think your image is nicely made but I agree with everyone else, Roblox Studio just wouldn’t work well or/and go well with mobile as some parts of Studio would be challenging to the user. Maybe later in the future when mobility improves.

Mobile studio sounds like a great idea, but will it burn up your phone if you are working away from home? Would mobile studio even be worth it in the future, - sorry this isn’t feedback.
Your interpretation is pretty neat, I feel like mobile studio will be a popular tool with the younger age ranges if roblox does add it, because obviously they would need to make things easier, more simple as you cannot do shortcuts on mobile.
Pretty neat UI, besides the toolbox. The toolbox really engulfs the eyes.

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Even though it would be a pain to use, I think it sounds like a great idea. If your are out somewhere away from your computer and need to patch a major update, it will go from impossible to possible to do that, or if your just tired of having to use your hotspot with your laptop all the time then this would be epic.