What offset means and how i use it

As you know the Gui look different at xbox or phone, depending the position.

I use ANCHOR POINT But Is a little hard and so much people said me “Offset its better” What its “offset” and how i use it?

There’s not an option scriptable or at easy interfacce inside a frame or a screen gui
Neither a UI


Offset means the amount of pixels the UI is currently taking up So if I have a 1920x1080 monitor, and I have a UI that’s 500 pixels both X and Y, the size is fixated at 500 pixels.

But if I have a 1280x720 monitor, that UI is gonna look bigger because it isn’t scaled to fit that monitor because of the pixel count.

And how i use it with the anchor point, people say me that i have to configure it to 1

How would that benefit you if you set the anchor point to 1? The UI is still not gonna be scaled properly so I’d suggest using a UI scale if that’s what you’re trying to accomplish

I made a post that covers a lot of scaling questions, let me know if you have any others -