What other light sources could I add to my build?

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I’ve encountered a bit of a roadblock, as I don’t know how else to illuminate the inside of my cabana. I’ve already got a fireplace (as seen in the images below) but I wouldn’t want to go overboard with the light emitting from it. Keep in mind, the ceiling is made out of wood.

Images (work in progress)

Screenshot 2022-03-30 230854

I plan for the game’s lighting to be modified from default, and it’ll also have a day & night cycle. Still, I’d prefer if the structure had a constant light source.

Something that illuminates the entire area as a single light source will perform better, but you can always opt to script in higher detailed lighting. I’d say that you could add a ceiling light, as a fake light source with an invisible area light! Edit: Pros: SurfaceLight parts can cast shadows beyond the 60 stud limit.


Have you tried turning off shadows?

I turn off the shadows while building, but this game will mostly be a showcase and so I wouldn’t want to leave out something as important as lighting

Thank you! I will be considering this

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You could add a few lanterns, or even some small decoration lights around the plants and pillars.